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Head Teachers’ Instructional Leadership Practices and school Culture: Perceptions of Secondary School Teachers

Sadaf Jabeen & Munawar S. Mirza

This empirical research endeavours to explore teachers’ perception of their head teachers’ instructional leadership practices and its relationship with the school culture. Instructional Leadership Questionnaire (1LQ), having 40-items with seven subscales developed by Akram, Kiran and Ilgan (2017) was used to explore teacher’s perception of heads’ instructional leadership practices. Researcher developed School Culture Inventory (SCI) having 30 items, organized into eight factors was administered for assessing school culture. Survey method was used. A sample of 300 secondary school teachers including 150 men and women were selected through convenient sampling from 30 randomly selected public secondary schools of Lahore. Means, percentages and correlation coefficients were computed to determine the relationships between the variables. Findings revealed that six dimensions of the perceived instructional leadership had positive correlation with two elements of school culture. The findings suggested that head teachers (HTs) should practice instructional leadership skills to develop harmony of mission and vision among teachers and develop the culture of collaborations which may ensure quality education.

Perceptions, School Culture, Instructional Leadership

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