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Virtual Socialization: A Step Towards Social Transformation

Nadia Saleem

The latest developments in communication technology are driving the societies towards a totally transformed structure of socialization i.e., virtual socialization. Socializing with friends and family, shopping, banking, media consumption and other daily individual activities have now been transferred to the world of web. New technologies are leading the society towards virtual socialization leaving the face-to-face real world communication far behind. This research study is aimed at finding out the relationship between the use of social networking sites and the trend of virtual socialization among the youth of Lahore. For this survey research, a 5 point Likert Scale close-ended questionnaire was used as a research tool. The researcher applied stratified random sampling technique. To trace the the causal relationship between social networking sites and virtual socialization the statistical test of Regression was applied. The results show that the youth of Lahore is getting more involved in and thereby dependent on virtual socialization. This dependency on virtual relations is leading the society towards social transformation. It is also affecting interpersonal communication skills of the people.

Social Transformation, Virtual Socialization, Virtual World, Cyber Links, Offline Relations.

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