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Factors Affecting Student Satisfaction in Distance Learning: A Case Study of COMSATS (Virtual Campus)

Muhammad Rizwan & Iffra Iftikhar

The aim of this study is to find the level of students’ satisfaction with the e-learning. It further explored the correlation between instructor performance (IP), student instructor interaction (SII), course evaluation (CE) and student satisfaction (SS) by taking Virtual COMSATS (VCOMSAT) as a case study. Target population of this research was the VCOMSATS’ students. A questionnaire was electronically sent to all the students out of which 251 graduate and undergraduate students responded. The purpose of this research study was to identify the key factors affecting student satisfaction in distance learning. It was found that students are satisfied with their online learning experience. Significant correlation was found between instructor performance and student satisfaction; student-instructor interaction and student satisfaction, and course evaluation and student satisfaction. The regression analysis depicted that course evaluation was the most contributing factor in student satisfaction followed by performance of the instructor and instructor-student interaction.

Distance learning, e-learning, student satisfaction, instructor performance, Course evaluation, student instructor interaction

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