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Comparison of E-Learning Satisfaction of Employed and Unemployed Students

Farkhunda Rasheed Choudhary, Irum Shah & Sana Majeed

The potential people for learning have been increased greatly with the advancements of technologies. In this era of information and communication technologies, teaching and learning process takes place through online, blended, and virtual modes. This paper is focused to explore the major factors of satisfaction of among students of BS Computer Science offered by the Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP). The factors included learner’s interaction with the instructor and other students, satisfaction of the learners about content and material, assessment and evaluation, different features of online learning system. The study was quantitative in nature. Survey method was used to collect data. A sample of 152 BS Computer Science students was selected through stratified sampling from four campuses of VUP. The data was collected through a questionnaire developed using Likert scale. The questionnaire consisted of 35 statements. Overall, majority of the students was satisfied with different features of online mode of learning such as content and material, interaction, instructor, assessment and evaluation, content sharing, and different modes of interaction and delivery. However, a lesser percentage of full time and part time employed students were satisfied regarding their interaction with the instructor, content sharing and different features of online learning. A significant difference was found in satisfaction of students with respect to their employment status.

Virtual University, satisfaction, mode of learning, computer science

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