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Strategies and Challenges for Internationalisation of Higher Education through ODL: Meta Synthesis

Sadia Basir & Munawar S. Mirza

The aim of this study was to explore the challenges and strategies in internationalisation of higher education (IoHE). The study also examined the role of Online Distance Learning (ODL) in facilitating the internationalisation process. In parallel with the aim, meta-synthesis was used to analyze and synthesize the findings from various studies under the theme of IoHE. Two databases Taylor & Francis and Science Direct were used to search relevant research articles published during 2014 to 2019. This construct was searched by adding the key words “Challenges in Internationalisation of Higher Education”. A total of 4,357 articles were identified. Sample size was selected by using PRISMA flow chart which is specifically designed for meta-analysis and synthesis studies. Only full text articles were selected and excluded by applying inclusion and exclusion criteria. Inclusion criteria include identification of records, screening of record by removing duplicate studies and final screening for relevant content based on themes of the articles. Exclusion criteria include articles dealing other than higher education domain. At the final stage, 21 articles were selected for meta-synthesis. The study concluded that IoHE is possible through using ODL in universities in their research, curriculum and degree programs. Based on the findings, a framework has been proposed for the IoHE through ODL.

Internationalisation of Higher Education, Meta-Synthesis, Online Distance Learning (ODL)

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