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E-Learning: How It is Changing the Teaching Learning Landscape in Schools of Pakistan

Anila Zaidi

This study unpacked the experiences, productiveness and challenges of E-learning, online and blended teaching learning in a Pakistani school. The article presents the experiences of teachers, students, parents and school management who are involved in blended teaching-learning procedures. The research was carried out in a private secondary school located in Karachi. The school leader has introduced blended learning with the vision to provide quality education according to the needs of the 21st century and the digital natives. A qualitative grounded constructivist method was adopted, data was collected from 10 participants, students as the primary participants and teachers and parents as the secondary participants. Semi-structured interviews and observation methods was used for data collection. Open coding, axial coding, and selective coding was used for analysing the data. The result is presented in narrative form. It was found that blended learning helped students to become independent learners but need intellectual and technological capacity building of the teachers and challenge was the fixed mind set of different stakeholders.

E learning, blended learning, independent learner, capacity building, digital natives, globalization, fixed mind set, gadgets, technology, growth mind set

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