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Quality Assurance in Higher Education: A Framework for Distance Education

Mariam Tanweer, Mubashar Majeed Qadri

Quality assurance is a widely used term in academia. Quality assurance and enhancement is possible only when the term ‘quality’ is defined clearly with a special focus on pedagogical differences. Quality and its parameters can be different in different instructional designs just as they can be different for different industries. Quality of higher education in conventional and distance pedagogic design cannot be measured through the same gauge. The paper is an attempt to rethink the concept of quality which is necessary for a clearly distinctive instructional approach for higher education in distance/online education. As comprehensive parameters are required to define quality in distance and online Education, a framework is developed in the paper by creating an inventory of factors with the help of System Approach for Program Evaluation to define the parameters of quality in distance/online education.

Distance Education, Online Education, Higher Education, E-learning, Quality Assurance

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