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Devising a Scale for the Appraisal of Performance of Prospective Teachers during Model Lessons

Muhammad Sadiq & Ghulam Mustafa

The main objective of the study was to devise a scale to appraise the performance of prospective teachers during model lessons. The scale was developed after an intensive review of related literature. The criterion validity of the scale was determined statistically using a valid scale ‘Pinellas Country Schools Teacher Performance Appraisal’ developed by PCS (2008) as criterion after confirming its textual and structural resemblance with the devised scale. Split-half method and coefficient alpha with values 0.76 and 0.74, respectively were calculated to determine the internal consistency of the scale. The averaged out inter-raters’ reliability of the scale was 0.71. The relevant descriptive statistics pertaining to the distribution of appraisal scores with nominal deviations from normality provided a base to declare the scale a trustworthy tool for the intended job. The replicative execution of the scale confirmed the claim greatly when statistics were close to normality once again. In the last, the researcher suggested for the further improvement of the scale to make it a more useful tool.

Prospective teachers, Appraisal scale, Model lesson, Scoring rubrics, Inter-rater reliability, Internal consistency, Psychometric measures

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