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The Efficacy of E-learning Technologies in Higher Education: Students’ Perspective

Izzat Gul, Muhammad Ramzan, Sumera Batool

This study is aimed at examining the usefulness of e-learning technologies i.e. television channels (VU TV), internet and video lectures on DVDs for the students of Virtual University of Pakistan (VU). This is hypothesized that the use of internet and lecture DVDs are more frequently used by the students than the television channels run by VU. The sampling technique used in this study was non-probability purposive sampling and a total of 535 students of VU from Lahore were included in the sample. The method used was a survey and a questionnaire as a measurement tool was adopted. The findings of the study revealed that VU TV channels are less frequently accessed due to the time difference in the availability of the required lectures for the VU students whereas the content on the Internet and DVDs is more preferred because it is readily available any time.

e-learning, Distance learning, Internet, Lecture DVDs, ICT

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